How do the Facsimile Edition and the Lightning Edition differ?

The Facsimile edition is a softcover version of the first edition of the book (which was a hardcover), with the addition of an author's afterword and a page of errata, correcting some minor discrepancies in the original book.

The Lightning edition is a slightly tweaked version of the Facsimile edition which uses a newer, less expensive digital printing technique. The results are barely distinguishable from the more expensive Facsimile edition, and we've taken the opportunity to clean up a few pages which have a slightly grey background in the earlier edition. The Lightning edition also has different frontispiece pages, because the printing process it uses doesn't include printing on the inside covers.

Although both the Facsimile and the Lightning editions are digitally printed, the Facsimile edition uses an older process, closer to offset printing, on heavier, slightly higher-quality stock. Additionally, the printing in the Facsimile edition is slightly darker throughout. (This is most noticeable on the colour pages, which tend to be a little more vibrant in the more expensive edition.) The Facsimile edition is exclusively printed in and shipped from South Australia. By contrast, the Lightning edition is printed and distributed locally in a number of regions (including the USA), often speeding delivery times.

Both editions provide the same award-winning content as the original hardcover—plus the addition of the Errata and Afterword pages—and remain the definitive guide to the German Shorthaired Pointer.

If you'd like any more detail about either edition of the book, please contact us.